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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Gothic Lolita Music

For many people music plays an important part in their lives. I'm not really that musical, but I'm going to post some bands and singers that really inspire me.
Malice Mizer
I have to admit, Malice Mizer was basically what got me interested in Japan and lolita fashion in general. I've loved them since I was 11 and I still do years later! The first PV I ever watched was Beast of Blood and now I'm hooked. They are super inspiring for me as they show the beauty in darkness and gothic themes perfectly. Also I love their French twist on things. I can honestly say I like all the eras (Tetsu, Gackt and Klaha) equally. They always make me feel better in rough times and their music is very calming and almost magical in theme! 


First of all, I love almost every song Ali Project produces! I really like Arika's aristocratic and mysterious feel. Her voice is beautiful, and whenever she's featured in Gothic Lolita Bibles she looks amazingly different in every single shoot! My favorite song at the moment is MEGALOPOLIS ALICE, and I love the lyrics to Narcissus Noir. She actually inspires me for some of my OCs and drawings.  

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