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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lolita Print Themes I'd Love to see

Browsing through some lolita blogs recently, I've seen some interesting prompts for blog posts. One of them was about print themes, so I thought why not! :3

In lolita fashion there are dozens of themes in prints. Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, Forest animals etc. I'd love to see some of these themes created (if they don't already exist)!

1) Titanic. It's a really sad event that actually happened in the 20th century, and last year it hit it's 100th anniversary. I really love the Titanic movie, and Jack and Rose as a couple, so I thought this print would be perfect! Maybe in navy blues and purples. Alice and the Pirates could pull this off very well in my opinion.

 2) The Flowers from Alice in Wonderland. Sure, Alice in Wonderland has been done a million times, but have the talking flowers? I think it would make a really nice classic or slightly gothic theme. Also I'm currently in love with pansies.

3) Koitsukihime I absolutely adore Koitsukihime dolls! Both my favorite bands/singers (Malice Mizer and ALI PROJECT) have had album covers with these dolls on - so I think it would be amazing for a dress theme! Actually I think this might have already been done... I'm not sure.  

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