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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Glam! Exhibition

Nan Goldin's 'Kenny Putting on Makeup'
Recently I went to the Tate Gallery at the Albert Docks. My friend, Jasmine and I go every month to an art club there. It's really fun as you get to be with people who love art, and explore the current exhibitions in the gallery.

One of my favorite exhibitions was the Glam! The Performance of Style exhibition. I really liked this one particularly because I'm interested in vintage/retro eras, especially the 50s, 70s and 80s! Also the whole concepts of glamour, individuality, camp and androgyny fascinates me.

I love people that are unique, bold and not afraid to experiment with fashion - so really the 70s would be the era to live for me!

I've been around the exhibition about twice, and I think I could still go again and again.  

My favourite part of the gallery is the room with the glitter disco balls, retro music (David Bowie?) and strobe lights. It's very atmospheric! I also really like the photo by Nan Goldin to the right.

In the club that Jasmine and I go to, we get to talk about the art, and do some work inspired by bits and pieces of the gallery. This time we made masks and apron-clothes!

I made a collage of the stuff we did on Photoshop. Sorry for my bad photos (I used my iPhone). Also if anyone is featured in my photos and does not want to be on my website, I'll take it down. :) 

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