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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pastel Pop Darlings

Here's my new drawing that I finished in about... a day. :D

I sketched the girls very quickly in my sketch book, scanned them in, adjusted the brightness/contrast, cropped, fixed the lineart, added the pixel-y background then coloured them in.
After that I added shadows to the skin and hearts and crosses to their clothes. Most of the colouring was on the same layer.

I'm quite pleased with it as I didn't rush too much, and I looked at real-life references for the clothes and colours. As a result I think I've gotten better at drawing shoes and hands!

This drawing was inspired by many of the street styles of Harajuku, Japan. I really like the school uniforms that Japanese schoolgirls wear. They're so much cuter than the uniform I have to wear to school lol! Fairy kei, pastel-goth and Cult party kei was also inspiring for this drawing. Someday I want to go to Japan to take photos of all the inspiring clothes that the people wear and create there!

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