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Friday, 21 February 2014

Black Butler Chapter 90

This chapter made me cry. Everything about it was so angsty and depressing... I knew Black Butler was dark, but this chapter has to be one of the darkest of all, especially from Ciel's point of view.

Ciel becomes really ill from the curse, so Sebastian attempts to save him with Sieglinde's help. He doesn't die, thank goodness, but becomes blind in his eye. We also get another insight to his month in captivity (and this is where it really makes me cry, so I won't go into detail), and because of the trauma, he becomes afraid of adults and lets only Finny near him. He seems really human this chapter, if that makes any sense. Usually he is afraid to show any emotion, so it made him seem even more vulnerable this chapter.   

As Sebastian asks for Sieglinde's help, she commands him to become her butler. To be honest, this kind of annoyed me. Something tells me she wants much, much more than for him to cook delicious food for her... Plus, I don't really want to see Sebastian being her butler next chapter, I'd much prefer more from Ciel's point of view.

This chapter brings a lot of questions to mind, too. Like, who was the person who told Ciel not to be afraid and held his hand? A lot of people are talking about the Two Ciels Theory, but I'm not too sure. It would be interesting, but too far-fetched and complex. In my honest opinion, I'm thinking it was just another child in captivity who Ciel became friends with, and when the poor child was killed, it made Ciel go insane. Also, who was Sebastian addressing in the forest? I thought he was talking about Ciel at first, but it made me kind of confused...

In a nutshell, this chapter was really emotional, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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