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Sunday, 9 February 2014


Today we got our new puppy after about two weeks of searching! She is a golden cocker spaniel of four months old and we bought her from a breeders. When we first saw her, it was like love at first sight for everyone! At the breeder's home, she was very lively and energetic, going around to everybody to get a fuss. She is also very dainty and small for a puppy of four months old, but in very good health. We just had to have her!

 Cocker spaniels are my favourite breed of dog - but I think that is obvious by now! There is a golden cocker spaniel in When the Summer Ends, the book I'm writing, and also in some of my fanfics. 

For her name, it was actually really weird at the time. The night before we even went to see her, I wrote down Cleo as a possible name, and didn't tell anybody as I thought we were getting a boy instead of a girl. The next day when we knew it was a girl we were going to see, my younger sister said out of the blue: 'Cleo is a cute name.' My Nana was shocked, because she also thought of that name last night and wrote it down. Kind of like a psychic moment, ahaha. So naturally, it just had to be!

The breeder delivered her to our house in the morning as he was going somewhere in our town. She scampered around, sniffing everything, her little tail wagging, and she ran around racing with my four year old brother. Thankfully she came with the expensive food her breeder makes her eat, two food and water bowls, and a tiny red lead and collar set. We gave her an old cuddly toy that my sister used to own, that is bigger than Cleo herself. Ironically, it is a lamb we gave her, so I nicknamed it the 'Sacrificial lamb'. I can tell the poor lamb isn't going to last long, ahaha.

She was getting sleepy, as she had stayed awake the whole car journey. But my black cocker spaniel, Indy, was coming round to meet her as he usually does on a Saturday, so she had to stay awake for a bit. When Indy came, they were both really happy with each other. He barked a little, but Cleo is fully used to other dogs and didn't mind at all. I think they're going to be friends in their own animal way, ahah.

When things had calmed down a little bit, she wanted to go to sleep. I don't know why (maybe it's because I'm a very relaxed person? Or maybe I just smell good to her? XD) but she fell asleep in my arms for half an hour - and kind of curled herself around my neck like a scarf. She was really warm and soft and cuddly, so I almost wanted to go to sleep myself.

Cleo is just so beautiful and I'm so happy she's in my family now.

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