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Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Vault of Heaven

Fanart for the manga 'The Heart of Thomas' by Moto Hagio. This series is really beautiful, and makes me get all emotional when I read it. XD The characters here are Juli (left) and Erich (right). I hope they look right!

The picture looks a lot different than it does in real life, as I played around with settings on Photoshop. I prefer the edited version, to be honest. Materials used are; watercolour paints, white acrylic paint for the details, smooth paper, oil pencils, and salt.

As usual, I named the title after one of my favourite songs. This time it is 'E-GE Umi ni Sasagu/The Vault of Heaven' by Malice Mizer. The song really suits my interpretation of the story, in my opinion.

Characters (c) - Moto Hagio

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