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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Happy Birthday Cissy

Her birthday is on the 14th of February, which is ironic as she hates Valentine's day! :3 The clothes were inspired by Creepyyeha. I also wanted her to look kind of pastel goth-ish. Her name is Cissy at the moment, but I'm thinking of renaming her to Lana... What do you think? Name suggestions are welcome!

Sorry about how gross and crappy her hair and eyes look... I had to redo this twice, so I kind of lost the inspiration to put effort into it. XD The pose was inspired by pin ups again.

EDIT: Changed the colours of the skin and background more to what I originally had in mind. The background was originally lilac but I turned it to Black and White to give more of a contrast to her hair; and I made her skin paler to show she's getting pallid and gaunt with sickness... That's all a part of her story though. In the first place she had a lovely tan from the Californian beach she's been lying on. Like this when she was a child and this when she was older.

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