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Monday, 28 December 2015

Dal Clair

For Christmas this year I received another lovely addition to my doll collection, Dal Clair! Not only that, but I also got a blank, make-it-own Dal to customize and paint; I'm feeling quite lucky this year to have a new doll project to keep me occupied.

Dal Clair is my first Dal, and I just adore her sulky expression and petite form. Dals are slightly smaller than Pullip dolls, which just makes them all the more cuter in my opinion - it's amazing how many intricate details the Innocent World outfit manages to fit on such a small doll!
Her dark green eyes look stunning combined with the brown of the dress and bonnet, and her ringlet curls are perfectly formed - just like an antique Victorian doll!
I adore the outfit she comes with, naturally, seeing as it is designed by Innocent World, and those boots that she wears are so cute and tiny.

She has to be my second favourite doll, after Aika of course!

Due to her sour, spoiled-child-looking features and pouted expression, a name came immediately to my mind as she reminded me of a girl I knew in my childhood: Grace. I know it's kind of silly, but as soon as I saw her she jogged that memory of the brattiest little girl I ever knew, and no other name would suffice. My Mum thinks I'm rather mean to name her like that based on her expression, but the name has stuck and I can't shake it! I also thought that Grace was fitting, as it's a rather religious name that reminds me of angels, which is fitting for a present received on Christmas day.

In my mind she's a young English child, perhaps ten years old or younger, with rich parents that love to spoil her with adorable clothes and many stuffed animals. She's not a sweet little girl made of sugar and spice and all things nice, rather, she can be manipulative and bratty, throwing a tantrum whenever things don't go her way. Yet despite all that, her parents see her as the apple of their eye and continue to buy her love. However, she also has her good side and can be very polite, kind and generous whenever she wants to be. She also stands up for those that she loves, especially if they're weak.

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