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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Mad Hatter's Tea Pot Meetup

Yesterday I organised my first meetup, this time based in Southport with CLAM (Chester, Liverpool and Manchester), the North West Lolita community in England. It was my first time organizing something, so thankfully I had some help from Anna, who lives nearby the cafe in our town. I had such an amazing time!

Everybody looked perfect and the food and service at the Mad Hatter's Tea Pot was great! Everyone in the cafe was really helpful taking photos and such. My friend from college worked there also, so it was nice to see her too. 

Here's a group shot:

I had a gluten free chocolate brownie and Margaret's Hope Darjeeling tea, which I chose because of the name (I have a character called Margaret Baron that I write about sometimes). I didn't get any photos of the food because at that point I had misplaced my phone into a pocket in my Angelic Pretty bag that I didn't know was there, so I panicked a bit looking for my phone, haha. 

Here are some more pics of inside the cafe. The interior was stunning with an Alice in Wonderland theme, as was the cutlery and china; the china was mismatched, which I like as you never know what special design you're going to get - I had a pretty tea cup with bluebells on, which looks similar to a set that my Grandma owns.

Mo, looking very cute as always! It was Mo's birthday at the meetup, so I wanted to make it special. I hope she had a great time!

The elegant Ruth and Nadina.

Mo again, as well as Katelyn, who's favourite colour may or may not be pink, and Emily.

Sweet Anna who helped me arrange the thing, and an angelic-looking Carol.

After a couple of hours inside the cafe, we took the train to Southport town centre and shopped and took some photos inside the Wayfarer's Arcade, which was all decked out for Christmas with decorations and carol singers. There was a Christmas-y balcony where I snapped some lovely shots of the girls, a huge Christmas tree, and an old-fashioned sweet shop. We also went inside the tights store and a shop selling parasols and umbrellas, as there were some very Loli-able finds. 

It was funny due to the reactions we gained from the public. Some people stared, some took a few not-so-discrete photos on their phones, and more than a couple of bemused people asked what we were wearing. "Don't tell me you dress like that everyday", "where did you get your costumes?" and "are you in a pantomime" were some comments. I wasn't too bothered by it, as I let other people do the talking (they explained that it was a fashion trend from Japan), but I thought the people talking about the pantomime were rather rude. 
In the Wayfarer's Arcade there is a sofa and furnishings company, and a lady from the shop came out and asked us to step inside so that they could take a picture and send it to somebody as a Christmas card! I thought it was really funny, and we got some great group shots there.

Afterwards we went to the amusement arcades on the seafront seeing as it was raining, and hilarity ensued, including two sweet Lolitas stuck inside a kid's Cinderella carriage ride! 

I had so much fun, and I'd like to thank everyone that came along for the laughs and a great time!


  1. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it. <3 Thanks for hosting the meet, I had a really great time too.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked the post and had fun at the meet! It was a great experience hosting something, as usually that kind of thing is way out of my comfort zone. :)