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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Make it Own Dal: Veronica

I think I've mentioned here before that I got a Make it Own kit from Pullip Style this Christmas. Well, I was so excited to begin that I started a couple of days after Christmas and finished today! It was so much fun learning and attempting a new craft, especially as I was combining painting and dolls, two of my loves. Plus, I got to add a new doll to my collection, called Veronica!

First I painted the eye chips. I used my sister's nailpolish in a brown shade with glitter, called "heirloom", which is a rather fitting name for a vintage-styled doll. This was a bit nerve-wracking as it looked very clear in its first coat, but when I layered the nailpolish and added pupils with acrylic paint, it looked much better. Already, with eyes, the freaky alien doll face starts to look more human.

Instead of using the eyelashes that came with the pack I went out and bought some from a beauty store, as I figured that there I'd have more choice (plus, the ones that came in the set were looking a little limp and lifeless after their trip from America). On the same day I sprayed the front and back of the head with matt primer/finishing spray that my Dad had in his mancave (it's good to have a parent obsessed with painting minifigures, as not only did he have primer, he also had the paints I needed!) and applied ground-down pastels to the face for blusher and shading under the chin and eyes.
I used Cidatel paint for the eyemakeup and bottom eyelashes, which are looking rather unelegant and blobby at the moment, and brown pencil for the freckles and eyebrows.

 The dress is what I used Celeste as a model for, as in my mind Veronica is a 50s girl at heart. The hat was something I made for Aika ages ago, with supplies I bought from gift and craft stores in Maine, and the wig is from Pullip Style.


This is my first faceup, so I'm rather thrilled with the cute results. Here you can see her with Beverly and Audrey.

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