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Saturday, 12 December 2015

From EGL: New Year's Fashion Review and Future Predictions

 It feels like a while since I've done something Lolita related on my blog, so I shamelessly copied and pasted this from EGL.

End of 2015 Questions:

1. Favorite look of 2015
 I don't think I've photographed many of my looks from this year, to be honest. Mostly I've worn my Three Archangels OP from Innocent World in many different ways, so it probably has to be a coord with that particular dress.

2. Least favorite look of 2015
 I love all my dresses, however I'm not too sure I'm into Sweet Lolita as much nowadays, even if little girls do call me a princess. I do love this Baby dress, don't get me wrong, but I'm not so sure that the shirring suits me.

 I think I was going for an old school look here.

I'm also not too keen on the colour and textures going on here.

 3. Favorite purchase
 Definitely my Archangels OP from Innocent World! I wear it so much and it's so comfortable that I can just wear it around the house. It's also very versatile for an OP.

 4. Least favorite purchase
 I didn't buy it this year, but I'm not too fond of my Whip Showcase JSK from Angelic Pretty. I haven't worn it yet because it doesn't fit! I need it altered, and maybe then I'll love it more. Shown as part of an outfit here.

5. An item you wished you purchased but didn’t.
 I really coveted the Antique Cutlery JSK from Innocent World in the brown colourway, and was about to order it for my prom before it was sold out! Luckily I found my dream dress that I liked even more than that (Three Archangels of course).

6. Trends you liked and didn’t like from 2015
 I know I'd never have a place to wear it, but I really liked the OTT Classic Lolita trends of 2015; they remind me of balls and fairy princesses! I'm not too sure about trends I don't like this year, however OTT Sweet Lolita with the split-colour wigs are one of my dislikes.

 7. Favorite release of 2015
 It's certainly a late release, but I really love the Cherub Angel Candlestick Ribbon JSK from Innocent World. I'm so glad I ordered it, even if the custom taxes hit me hard (80 pounds!!!). I'm also a big fan of the Old School re-releases that Baby did earlier this year.

8. What were your fashion goals of 2015? Did you achieve them?
 My main goal was to wear Lolita whenever possible, especially at college, and I have achieved that goal. My classmates seem to find it very cute, and I even met a girl that ran a Lolita blog on Tumblr (even though she doesn't wear Lolita herself, I think).
New Year 2016 questions
9. Predict the new trends for 2016
 I have no idea really, but I hope Gothic and Old School styles are popular next year. I need more Gothic in my life. Perhaps OTT Gothic and EGA will emerge again? After all, we've already had OTT Classic and Sweet.
I also hope for... Medieval Lolita! Sounds weird, but I want the rich jewel colours and goriness to come to Lolita.
10. 2016 releases you are excited for
It's not really a Lolita release as such, but a collaboration that Baby is doing with Pullip and something called Petit Prince is rather exciting for me. I love this doll!

Look at that print! I'd call her Rosanne.
11. Fashion goals for 2016
  • Incorporate more colours into my Lolita wardrobe, rather than just pink. I'm looking at colours like navy and dark forest green, as well as white and black for next year.  
  • Wear Lolita as often as I can (this week I wore it three days in a row).
  • Accessorize more, use more unusual accessories like bonnets, and wear jewellery.
  • Do some more things with my hair, instead of having it just down or in a ponytail. I'll need my hair to grow more for this, though.


  1. Sorry for the shortness of this comment, but just.... squeeeal! You look sooo cuuute in that pink coord *hyperventilating and fanning herself* Adorable! I'm dying of cuteness now, seriously.

    1. Thank you so much! ;w; *starts fanning you*