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Monday, 7 December 2015

My Art: Sororicide

This post is well overdue seeing as I finished this piece in May! It is actually my final GCSE Art piece and got me an A*, for which I am very pleased.

Featured are Johan and poor Celeste, my two dolls that I played around with in order to get a setting I liked. They are Isul Johan and Pullip Nella, the set that Mitsukazu Mihara illustrated and designed. Instead of drawing them as people, I rather liked the idea of drawing the dolls themselves, massive eyes and all - and now we have a scene of a doll poisoning another doll! After all, the theme was "Fantastic and Strange", so you can't blame me for going all out, haha.

The story behind this drawing is that Johan, the younger brother, poisons his sister out of jealousy of her looks and beautiful dresses that their parents buy for her, earning her more attention. In my head he was a very lonely boy (or doll) and relied on the attention from his parents for everything, and when he realised that Celeste was fairer than him, he snapped and murdered her. It was inspired by a shoot in the Gothic Lolita Bible and my drawings of it, as I have done them in the same styles.


  1. Now.This.Is.Seriously.Gorgeous! You have a very unique style, I like it - not sure why, but especially the way you draw hair, clothes, shading and eyes and mouths. Given that I'm a bonnet-addict, may I just squeal out in excitement at how you draw them? Kyaaaa!!! And on the whole, it's got a very intriguing atmosphere breathing from it, if I may:-)

    1. Thank you, dear! I'm so happy you like my style, as I've been trying to develop it over the years and finally decided on this. Clothes and hair are my favourite things to draw, so I'm glad you picked those out as the things you like best. :)