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Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas, everyone! I hope that your holiday is relaxed and filled with family and fun!
Here are some photos that Carol took of me at the latest Lolita meetup. They're so Christmas-y that I now have an excuse to post them. :D

I spent the day with my relatives relaxing, giving and receiving gifts, eating, and playing a vampire killing game - Dracula's Fury! How was your Christmas?


  1. Hi, Ellie, sorry, just to check if you are alright? I've just heard in the news that there are floods in your area - is your family safe? Fingers crossed for you all, dear! *hugs*

    1. Hi Rosa, everything is fine here, thank you for your concern! *hugs* There are floods, but in my town it's only very minor. The field outside my house is partially flooded, but apart from that it's not too bad. Other places have it a lot worse though. The rain has stopped temporarily though, thank goodness; it's been quite grim-looking for the past few days where rain is concerned.

    2. Oh thanks to God, we were kinda worried here :-) That field doesn't sound too uplifting, but it's great to hear you are fine and have fun with your lovely new dolls :-) I like that face-up you did, was it hard? Her eyes are so mesmerising...

    3. Thanks! It was quite hard as I'm not used to drawing and painting on a 3D surface, especially with something so small, but I soon got used to it. Glad you like it! :) I think the nailpolish made her eyes really pop.

    4. Oh yes! They glow like a jewel. They remind me a little of fire opals. I admire your courage at trying it at all - it's amazing it went so well on your first try. I love those eyebrows, too, btw - delicate and symmetrical. Symmetry is my enemy whenever I try to do a face-up on a Barbie, so really, I bow to you to the floor in respect:-) Do you think you will get another DIY doll like that in the future?
      Btw, I'm sorry about the silence these days - I wanted to ask you about the Skype tea party, but I've caught a nasty cold, so I don't think it would be very aesthetic or pleasant to try to converse in between of coughing fits and applying sweet cheese or onion packs. But how is your writing proceeding? And the costume projects? Spill the details, please, I'm curious :-)

    5. Aww, thank you! Barbies must be much harder to do, as their heads and faces are very small compared with Pullips and Dals. I think I will get another one, definitely, for my birthday next year (it's rare that we order from over seas, so I save it for special occasions when my parents will let me). :)
      How many doll faceups have you done? Did you do the face-up on that BJD of yours?

      That's okay - I truly love hearing from you everyday, but please don't put too much pressure on yourself to get back to me quickly, especially when you're ill. I don't want you to feel bad, or like you have to apologise, or exhaust yourself through messaging me when you're ill and busy. :) You're a great friend to have and I wouldn't think badly of you if you took a long while to reply to my messages! If you're still really busy running errands and looking after your family, I hope you can take some time out for yourself to relax and gain some energy. Hopefully you'll feel better soon and your horrible cold will subside! Don't worry about Skype - I was looking forward to seeing you, but it can wait until you're better; give me a shout whenever you want to call, I'm always ready!

      As for my writing, I haven't really been writing for a long time; I've got editing When the Summer Ends on my to-do-list (mostly changing "although" to "as though" every hundred words or so, haha - that's a mistake I make very frequently), and a Jeeves and Wooster fanfiction to write when I gain the inspiration. I only really have time to write in the evenings, but for the past few nights I've been so tired that I just fall asleep at eight o'clock - so not very much writing gets done on my part.
      What about your writing?

      Right now I'm in the process of making my "kuro Lolita" OP from the Alice in Wonderland pattern - there are so many pieces that I haven't finished cutting them all out yet! I've also purchased some patterns and fabric yesterday; some muslin for making a robe en chemise/chemise à la Reine, a Victorian underpinnings pattern that I'm going to make a Lolita nightgown from, and a vintage-ish top pattern to make some clothing for my holidays from some fabric I have left over. I also got some fabric from Liberty as it was 50% off, which has angel statues and gargoyles on - I have no idea what I'm going to make with it, but it was so Classic Lolita that I couldn't not get it. Plus, I've got a growing collection of angel dresses, and to pass on that fabric would be blasphemy to the Lolita Gods, haha. ;)
      How are your sewing projects going? What about that bonnet that somebody commissioned? I'd love to see it!