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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sewing Plans for 2016

 Everyone knows that I'm the world's slowest sewer, so who knows if I can get all this done? In no particular order, I want to sew the following this year:

  • Edwardian (1909-1913) dresses in white, blue and white,  and black and gold - all from this pattern.

  • Victorian-inspired nightgown from the pattern on the top right.

  • Gothic Lolita dress. I'm going to use the Alice in Wonderland pattern as a basis and make it in entirely black cotton, perhaps with some lace in the shape of a crucifix a la Moi Meme Moitie style.

  • Period Lolita dress (inspired by the Victorian era). Something like this, in dusty purple and black. I'd like to look like a little Victorian girl!

  • Georgian francaise gown in blue, made from my Father's office curtains that he no longer needs, haha. I have a sketch but it isn't scanned yet. It will be pale blue with black trimmings.
  • Georgian robe a la reine with pink, purple, black and blue satin or taffeta sashes. I may also make some Lolita versions of the chemise a la reine.

  • 40s summer top from strawberry material. In my mind it's cropped and very summery. I already have the fabric.
  • 60s clothes from a Burda magazine I purchased, specially to wear in Florida when I go next year!
  • Vintage beachwear.

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