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Friday, 29 August 2014

Boston, Day One

In the summer holidays I went to New England for two weeks with my family. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would love to go again! First we went to Boston, Massachusetts for a few days.

When  I first stepped out of the airport I was amazed; outside there were many towering skyscrapers and the night was illuminated in yellows and reds (this was about 7 o'clock at night in America, and 2am in England, so needless to say I was very tired). The lights hurt my eyes, but on the bright side, it was so beautiful despite me being more of a countryside-lover. I've never been in such a big American city before!

On the first day we went from across the hotel and into a local park, called Memorial Park, if I remember correctly. My whole family were messing around, so I was snap-happy and took a lot of photos.

Beautiful Abi

Local weirdo, I mean, Dad.

Just Batman in the park

Batman lost his batmobile and had to settle for this instead.
 Then we got on a tube to the Boston Aquarium part, which was a little bit scary for me, as I hate crowds. The harbour there was so pretty! We went on the Beantown trolley bus tour and saw all the sights and monuments of Boston. Unfortunately I could not get many photos, as the ride was quite fast and the busy roads were blocking the view of the camera. I did get a few, though.

Why yes, I do find fire hydrants fascinating...We don't have any in England. XD

Breathtaking city!

Harbor on a sunny day.

More skyscrapers.

Boston Red Sox

Lovely architecture.

Across the water.

Some... monument... (I couldn't hear the tour guide very well)


Beantown Trolley Sightseeing.

Poor whale!
I actually really like Boston, and I'm thinking of maybe living there when I'm older. It's not as busy as London or Paris, so I quite like the atmosphere. And there are a lot of fancy houses and apartments in a clapboard style, which I really love. The whole city reminds me a lot of the Penderwick books by Jeanne Birdsall, which I adored as a child and still do now, as the Penderwick sisters live in Massachusetts.

The tour guide/driver we had was really funny, especially about the whole Civil war thing, and changed "British" to "Indonesian" so as not to offend my family! (we wouldn't have been offended, anyway) When we got off the bus he said "The British are leaving, the British are leaving!"
We stopped at the Prudential Centre for shopping and my favourite place was Barnes & Nobels, despite being enamored with kindles.  I bought two classical books in hard back editions - Dracula and Grimm's Fairytales - ones that I had been eying in England but didn't buy, as everything is so expensive at home.

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