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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Kennebunk, Maine

Today we packed up and drove to Maine, one of my favourite states. On the drive I saw a lot of really cute clapboard houses, as my grandmother mentioned, and the weather was quite cloudy overhead. It was so pleasant to just look out of the window for a couple of hours and take in the scenery.

After a quick stop for food we booked into our next accommodation, which was a motel that I found very American-styled, with all the flags and deck chairs painted red, white and blue. Abi and I had our own bedroom with a massive king-sized bed (which basically took up the whole room). As a whole, the motel room looked very vintage and rustic, although it hadn't been updated in years. Don't get me wrong, I loved it even more this way! After settling in and unpacking we went for an exploration around Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, and I took a lot of photos.

The town is cute, quiet and quaint, with a lot of fancy Victorian clapboard houses that remind me of a fairytale. They were all in such lovely pastel colours, and I wanted to take photos of every single house! Maybe I will take residence in Maine when I'm older?

I was really excited to be in Maine as that's where Stephen King's books are set! The whole area reminds me of IT and I hadn't even seen a storm drain yet! There is forest and sea surrounding it, adding to the beauty.

At some point we stopped the car outside the nearby beach and we all had a go at flying our kite.


There are a lot of psychics in Maine, I noticed.

We also went whale watching one day.

I want to live here!

Then we looked around more and found George Bush's house that looked more to me like a fortress on an island. Still, he is the president, so I suppose it's pretty convenient for him.

The Bush Compound.

Out of all the houses, one of my favourites was the Wedding Cake house, which, according to my mum, a captain built for his wife as he missed their wedding reception due to work.

Wedding Cake House

For dinner we ate at the Maine Diner, which has a lot of that red lobster symbolism that seems to be everywhere in Kennebunk! 

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