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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

By Jeeves!

Gosh, I just adore this musical so much. It combines some of my loves together; Jeeves & Wooster, musicals, comedy, and Andrew Lloyd Webber's music. I watched it long ago but haven't found time to post a review. Can I just say that Jeeves is turning into an obsession. I've watched the entire TV series more than once (and each episode is an hour long), read three omnibuses, watched the musical, downloaded the soundtrack, and stalked the internet for fanfics and fan art.

First of all, the musical captured the characters amazingly. I just ADORE Bertie Wooster! And Jeeves too! Even when singing, you can see that they're staying in character so well, and this is particularly impressive seeing as there was an audience there at the time. Even the minor characters were fantastic. I was particularly fascinated with Madeline Basset's actress, who was perhaps the best Madeline Basset I have ever seen; even her voice was perfect. Also, Honoria Glossop's actress was great. Their appearances were very close with those of the actors in the TV series, and their voices too.

The wonderful Madeline Bassett

Secondly, the fact that Bertie was a famous banjo player was hilarious, especially as in the book, Jeeves had handed in his notice because of his master's terrible banjo playing. He was called Banjo Boy, which I found rather sweet.

The songs were lovely, and very moving in places, especially the duet between Stiffy and Pinker Stinker. My favourite song, however, was sung by Honoria Glossop, called "That Was Nearly Us". It really showed her personality, and almost made me feel a little sorry for her, that she couldn't be with Bertie. The parts where she became especially dramatic (in her very fruity voice, I must add) and ended up with her breasts and... other parts... shoved almost in Bertie's face because of the way the camera zoomed in on her, was hilarious. He looked so frightened as it happened!

As for my favourite part, I thought it was really funny when Bertie had to climb through a window disguised as a pig, and ended up in Honoria's room by mistake, and she thought he was an actual pig... Just in case you were wondering, this part is meant to be overly silly, and yet it struck me as really strange yet funny.
Why Honoria? Why?
Oh yeah, and there was an ending with everyone dressed as the characters from the Wizard of Oz.

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