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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Horse-riding in the White Mountains

On our final day we went horse-riding in New Hampshire's White Mountains, and it was AMAZING! I've been wanting to do horse-riding for ages, as it was a sport I was really into when I was younger but stopped because of how costly it can be.

My horse was white and was called Oppy, and he always ate the plants and flowers on the mountains against my will! I was nervous (especially going down hills) but I had so much fun. The view was so beautiful! We went through hilly fields of yellow flowers, through parts of forest, and saw a lot of wildlife. I was some beautiful dragonflies and butterflies, and the lady in charge pointed out where the bears have flattened down the ferns by sleeping on them! I was surprised at the amount of homes situated in the mountains. Actually, I really want to get back into horse-riding again!

My brother also went for a ride, on Tinkerbell.

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