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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Jackson, New Hampshire and the White Mountains

Jackson Falls
 After a short while we moved on to a town in New Hampshire called Jackson. It was gorgeous here, but I don't think the mountains are quite for me... Plus, it was very hot, especially as we were staying in a log cabin without any air-conditioner. Sometimes it was cool and sometimes it was very, very hot. I absolutely loved it though! It had to be the most unique place I've ever stayed, and inspired a lot of When the Summer Ends chapters.

The house is very cozy with an adorable rustic charm; so very obviously New England! Downstairs has shades of cranberry and browns, upstairs is rose pink and sugar white, with patchwork, lacy, embroidered duvets and cushions. I literally wanted to take all the decor home with me, but I think the owner would have noticed, wouldn't she? *laughs* I had to share a bedroom with my brother and sister, but I really didn't mind at this point, as my siblings were so worn out from all the walking that they went to sleep very quickly.

On the outside porch there was a hot tub and rocking chairs, so we spent some time in that, which was very pleasant (until the smell of chlorine kicks in and gives you a migraine, but that can't really be helped).

Despite being in the wrong state - I never did get to go to Vermont this holiday, next time, I suppose - this really was the ideal setting for When the Summer Ends as Aika's home is in the forest. Also, I could imagine Cherry living here very happily!

In the evenings my father and I took out our astronomy binoculars (we have a big telescope at home as stargazing was our hobby in the past, but obviously we couldn't bring it here) and looked up at the stars behind the trees. As there are no artificial lights up in the mountains, or smog from the cities, everything is so clear in the night sky.

Whilst in Jackson we did a lot of walking; the Jackson Falls, Diana's Bath and Flume Gorge. We also went to Clark's Trading Post, which is a very strange but entertaining place where American Black bears perform, riding scooters, eating ice cream, clapping, and "bearing it all"! I loved it there, although my brother and I found the Wolf-man very scary (him, because, well, what four year old wouldn't be scared of a yelling man with guns, army cars and missiles?, and me because I'm a wimp and can't stand loud noises like guns being fired). There were also Chinese acrobats, which I absolutely adored. Then we saw the bears, and I realised that they're really well cared for.

The Bear Show at Clark's
Taken from Clark's Trading Post website.

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