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Friday, 29 August 2014

Boston, Day Two

The next day we went to Memorial Park again because it was too early for anything else (we were in the wrong time zone), and I went on the swings and watched the squirrels and chipmunks. I've noticed that the animals are slightly more streetwise-r than they are at home *laughs*. After being on the tube a second time, I'm actually feeling slightly better about them.
This day we went to the New England Aquarium. I really loved it! First we saw the penguins being fed, and then looked at all the fish in the tanks. The unhatched sharks illuminated in their pods were so strange, but cute in a weird way. I really liked the jellyfishes - they look so graceful and regal, and one species looked like it had electricity flowing through it. I took some photos, but only a few as the aquarium was really dark.

Penguins about to be fed.

A whale skeleton

Why did you wake me up?
 We touched starfish and mollusc-like creatures, including crabs. One of my favourite parts was seeing the turtles as they were having a health check-up. Apparently this was rare; we must have been lucky! There was one turtle hiding at the bottom of the tank, away from the vets, sleeping (that is, until some fish went and pecked it on the eye!). He was so cute!

After that we got on the bus again and went to the USS Constitution, which is a very old pirate ship. She's a beautiful ship, but there wasn't much to do there so we got bored and went.

Then we went to the Children's Museum, which most of us found boring as it was mainly aimed at children, but it was nice because Luke seemed to enjoy it. There were drawers filled with beautiful rocks, taxidermy birds and stuffed insects, and I just thought it was stunning. Dad said it was like my bedroom at home, as I collected taxidermy bugs and rocks as a small child. If I had the opportunity to collect taxidermy birds, I have to admit that I would have...

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