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Friday, 15 August 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I first wanted to watch this film when I saw the new Galaxy chocolate advert with Audrey Hepburn in. The song Moon River is so beautiful and soft, and I just adore Audrey's voice! Also, my friend Josephine adores Breakfast at Tiffany's, so I thought I'd just have to see it too.

Audrey Hepburn is so gorgeous!
 The story follows Holly Golightly's ditzy, delightfully unstructured lifestyle in New York, as she searches Manhattan for a millionaire to marry. Paul Varjak is a new tenant living in the apartment underneath Holly's, and soon they become really good friends and fall in love.

I really love Holly Golightly and all her craziness! At a first glance you just think she is a really rich girl, elegant, poised, and sophisticated; that was the impression I got of her as she stood eating a croissant outside of Tiffany's. However you soon learn that she is extroverted, wonderfully friendly and bubbly. Her life is wild, going out on dates with a rich man every night, and throwing lavish parties every so often. Inside her apartment, everything is all over the place, reflecting how she picks things (or people) up and drops them when she's bored. She is really unorganized, but you just can't help loving her.

Holly has a nameless cat - whom she addresses as "Cat" - that symbolises how she feels inside; nameless, changeable and with nowhere to belong.

When it seems that Paul's girlfriend is being stalked, Paul goes out to investigate. A man is following him, and he eventually gets the nerve to speak to him. It appears that the man is Holly's old husband, who she married at the age of 13 "going on fourteen", and he reveals that Holly's real name is actually Lula Mae Barnes, and that he'd like to take her back to Texas. This really shocked me, to be honest! No wonder she ran away!

It is also revealed that Holly has a brother who she is really close to, Fred. Fred is in the army, and he is killed in action, which gives Holly a breakdown where she practically destroys her apartment, later on in the film. The image of her sobbing alone on her bed, feathers from the destroyed cushions floating down on her, was very sad, especially as it seemed the sole reason for her wanting to be rich was to provide a home for Fred, so that they could live together on a ranch... I hated the way her "husband to be" was completely unsympathetic, describing her as a crazy woman and leaving her all alone to cry.

Soon she cheers up, helped by Paul. They go on a day out where they do things that they've never done before, including stealing masks from a dollar store. Also, they go to a library and see the book that Paul had written. They get a cheap ring engraved at Tiffany's, a gift from Paul, as Holly wouldn't allow him to spend over $10 on her!

I was surprised that Holly didn't have a whole jewellery box full of Tiffany jewellery. The way she was absolutely enamored with it, saying it was a place where nothing bad could happen, and going to look in the windows whenever she felt down, I would have thought she'd have bought something from there before. I actually loved the way she was with the Tiffany's store; it reminded me of Lolita girls, and the way some of them are with Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, or Angelic Pretty. To be honest, if I were like Holly (but lived in Paris rather than New York) I would always be looking in the BtSSB window. Then, there would be a film about me called "Breakfast at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright", ahaha!

The ending of the film was so sweet that it almost made me cry. After an argument, Holly sets Cat off into the suburbs of Manhattan, perhaps symbolising how she wishes that she could run off away from her life and be free herself. The argument was with Paul, over her arrest (for being a playgirl in a misunderstanding about a man in jail and narcotics) and the way her engagement to the Brazilian man was cancelled. It is known that Paul is in love with her, and that she loves him too, but beforehand wouldn't accept him because he wasn't rich enough. Holly escapes from the taxi they were rowing in to look for Cat after regretting her decision. This is really heartbreaking, as I thought she wasn't going to find him. However, Paul gets out of the taxi to help her search, and they find Cat and kiss in the rain, Cat between them, finding that all along they were in love anyway, and Holly can accept him for who he is, rich or not.

This romantic comedy is so adorable (and even more so because the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn is in it!) so I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who are interested in the 50s-60s.

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