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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Lovely Sweet Room Altered

The title of this post may sound very misleading, *laughs* but this post is to show an actual brand dress altered to fit someone of a bigger size than BtSSB caters to. First I decided to send my Lovely Sweet Room JSK to the local tailors to be adjusted, seeing as it was my first lolita dress.

I was a little bit nervous at first, but in the end it was actually a good experience. We went into the store and the lady asked me to try the dress on - obviously it was too small in the bust - and we talked briefly about making an alteration to it, as obviously there were only a few things we could do with it. Besides, I didn't want the changes to be too extreme and noticeable. In the end we decided on adding a panel to the bodice, on the left side. They described it as a "triangle insert" of about ten centimeters.
At first I thought it was odd that it wouldn't be symmetrical on both sides, but the end product was absolutely fine; you can hardly notice the changes!

My mother and I went back to the tailors about a week later (they actually make custom wedding dresses and must be very busy, so I think that is a fair amount of time to wait for my alterations) for a fitting and I tried it on again. And it fit! There was a bit of a gape, so we went around the book shops for a bit whilst we waited for the final change to be made.
Then, an hour later, I tried it on again *laughs*. There were so many times that I had to whip off my clothes really fast so as not to keep them waiting! This time it was perfect and I got to take it home. Also, when I took it home, my grandmother asked to do some work on it herself, as the lace that has the corset-like effect in the back was torn when I last wore it (it wasn't done at the tailors, just so that's clear, it happened because it was too small for me sometime last year!).

I'm incredibly pleased with it! So I think that anyone with any doubts about getting a seamstress to make alterations to brand items should rest assured that in the end it will be perfect.

Here are some photos:

Detailed view of the back. Sorry for the flash.

Make sure the lacing is loose so that it doesn't break again!

The triangle insert (and it's so neat!)

The fixed lace - you can hardly tell it was ever broken and frayed!

The adjustments are very discrete. Really, it just looks like normal.

Indy sulking because I told him not to lie on my dress.

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